Meridian Bank was founded in 2004 with the goal of using technology as a means for better banking for our customers and increased profitability for our shareholders. While many new banks came into existence in the region, comparisons with this peer group has proven the wisdom of Meridian’s model.

We are entrepreneurial and innovative. Both attributes have enabled us to better respond to the changing winds in the economy, and better relate to the needs of our customers. We’ve grown by eschewing the normal model of costly bricks and mortar on every corner. Instead, we have a “branch lite” model that combines the best of traditional and online banks – robust self-service channels with personalized service and limited branch availability – to offer tremendous value.  Additionally, we have placed an emphasis on hiring the best and brightest and empowering them to take ownership in our enterprise. As a result, we have fostered strong personal relationships and a loyal customer base.

Still, we understand that while our take on banking is different, we continue to bear the traditional responsibilities in the communities we serve of being both the engine of the economy and a pillar of support for charitable and civic organizations.

Now, well into our second decade, the results are clear. We are no longer an experiment, but have become a pioneer in the way banking is to be done in the 21st Century. But, while others focus on closing branches and downsizing their organizations, we will continue to lead, developing ever more innovative ways to provide access to quality financial services.

Board of Directors