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Corporate Headquarters
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Meridian Bank was founded in 2004 with the goal of using technology as a means for better banking for our customers and increased profitability for our shareholders.


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Banks sit at the throttle of America’s free market economy.

Community banks in particular, which make more than 50 percent of all small business loans in the U.S., are the financial grease that keeps Main Street thriving, providing capital to businesses and individuals.

While this need for capital has always remained strong, technology has transformed the way we acquire and manage wealth. And yet, traditional banks have changed little from a century ago.

Meridian, however, never set out to be traditional. Instead of investing in branches, we invested in people and technology. By forging a new model of what banking should be, and what it should become in this rapidly changing economic landscape, we have grown and succeeded while many of our peers have not.

Part of that success can be attributed to our understanding of how important a quality loan portfolio is to our value. To that end, Meridian has held to its core principles of quality people making quality loans and providing quality service to quality customers.

When we started this Bank, we posed the questions, “Why Meridian? Why Now?” We think our performance over the years has demonstrated our ability to keep answering those questions to the benefit of our shareholders.

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